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Longwood Gardens Solar Project
The Longwood Gardens Solar Project is a ground-mounted solar photovoltaic system that will be at least 1/0 MW DC in size. The project is part of a larger plan which includes energy efficiency and conservation. It will generate roughly 1.2 million kWh of electricity in its first year, offsetting approx 20% of the electricity use at Longwood Gardens. The project will be in the public eye, as the gardens attract apprx 800,000 visitors annually. The project will be finalized through a Power Purchase Agreement between a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Services, Inc (a project company specifically created to own this solar energy facility) and Longwood Gardens Inc.
Project Status 5%
Township of Kennett
Estimated Total Funding Amount
Funding Recipient(s)
Integrys Energy Services, Inc.
$1,300,000 (ARRA)
$4,200,000 (Other)
Revision: 2010-09-07