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The Recovery Act At Work
York County
$89,495,440 *
With American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, Pennsylvania is building lasting assets. Recovery Act awards are helping to pave roads and fix bridges, fund clean water projects, strengthen a public education system that continues to produce academic gains for students, and improve our state's environment and energy efficiency. The Recovery Act is also helping those most in need through extended unemployment benefits, food assistance and health care. In the process, Pennsylvania is creating tens of thousands of jobs. For more detailed information about projects in your county, follow the corresponding project link below. In instances where projects impact more than one county, the project and funding amount may appear in other county summaries. Many other projects in the county are funded by Recovery Act dollars distributed directly from federal agencies. Information on those projects is available at http://www.recovery.gov/.
Energy $4,010,795 *
The project will increase energy efficiency in homes by reducing energy costs and increasing comfort while safeguarding the health and safety of the resident. Eligible applicants are those persons or families whose income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. On-site energy audits are conducted on each home to determine which of the following measures would be installed or services performed, up to an average of $6,500 per home: blower door guided air sealing to effectively locate and reduce air-leakage throughout the home; installation of attic, wall, basement and crawlspace insulation and ventilation to reduce energy loss; heating system modification or replacement to increase the efficiency and/or safety of the heating system; minor repairs, and/or health and safety measures are provided (when necessary) to allow the safe and effective installation of the weatherization measures; energy baseload reduction, including CFL and appliance replacement, and; client education on the proper use and maintenance of the installed Weatherization measures and ways to reduce energy waste everyday. The project will weatherize 560 homes through 3/31/12.
Other Infrastructure / Housing
Other Infrastructure / Housing $1,452,307 *
The project provides services to prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless or help those who are experiencing homelessness to be quickly re-housed and stabilized. Funds will be used for activities to address the jurisdiction’s homelessness needs such as: housing relocation and stabilization services including case management; outreach and engagement; housing search and placement; legal services; and, credit repair.
This project will include low impact development storm water strategies including 2 pervious asphalt parking lots; several bioretention/rain gardens storm water facilities, emergent plantings and site-wide tree plantings, erosion and sedimentation control devices, and landscaping
The project will remove uphill swales, eliminate point source discharges to both the high quality streams and their associated wetlands; stabilize and reinforce the roadway with Tensar geo-grid, and overlay the entire roadway with "Driving Surface Aggregate".
Public Safety
Transportation Infrastructure
Transportation Infrastructure $22,477,959 *
Restoration of the Bridge carrying Indian Rock Dam Road (State Route 3044) over West Branch of Codorus Creek in North Codorus and West Manchester Townships
Bridge Rehabilitation of 11 different bridges on various state routes in Adams, Cumberland, Lancaster, Franklin, York Counties
Resurfacing US Route 30 from the Hellam Interchange to the Lancaster County Line in Hellam Township
Resurface US 15 from Golf Course Road to Cumberland County Line in Carroll Township and Dillsburg Borough
Resurfacing and Bridge Preservation of US Route 30 from Interstate 83 to State Route 24 in Manchester and Springettsbury Townships
Installation of Traffic Advisory Radios and signing for ITS in various locations of York County
Resurfacing of PA 116 from Jacobs Mill Road (State Route 3045) to PA 516 in Heidelberg and North Codorus Townships
Resurfacing PA 24 (Main Street and Barrens Road) from Trouts Lane to north of Lowe Road in Stewartstown Borough and Hopewell Township
Resurface PA 74 from north of US 30 to PA 462 (Market Street in West Manchester Twp. and the City of York
Workforce $849,913 *
The project will provide services for income eligible individuals and families in the areas of education, employment, computer skills, financial literacy, and community development, which include enhanced communications and services for integration of immigrant populations. It will provide Latino community training to “Start Your Own Business” taught entirely in Spanish; partnership with the York Literacy Council to provide on-site English as a Seconfd Language (ESL) classes and expand the Work Ready Program to include job readiness training and job coaching services to include persons in the age group 25-54 with outdated or unmarketable skills. It will support the addition of two new Community Center sites in Hanover and Lewisbury to serve the demand for VITA service (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program); sub-contract with the Lutheran Social Services of South Central Pennsylvania’s Financial Stability Partnership to initiate the Circles Getting Ahead initiative to provide a stable structure for people to pursue getting out of poverty with the help of middle and upper income “Allies”; and, in concert with CareerLink provide certificate training for high demand occupations including green jobs and enhance a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program.
* Totals reflect only funding flowing through state agencies.

Direct Benefits to Families
How PA Benefits People Helped in York County Explanation of Benefits Reporting as of
Food Assistance 40,625 The Recovery Act will help low income individuals and families with a 13.69% increase in the maximum Food Stamp (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program or SNAP) benefit. It also suspends the 3 month limit on assistance for many unemployed childless adults. March 2010
Health Insurance 55,547 Low income children and adults will continue to have access to health care through Medical Assistance. March 2010
Health Insurance for Unemployed 19,800 The Recovery Act will help make health care available to individuals who are involuntarily separated from their jobs. A COBRA subsidy will pay 65 percent of the monthly premium for individuals earning less than $145,000 and couples earning less than $290,000. March 2010
Taxpayer Relief 194,705 Individuals earning up to $75,000 will receive a $400 tax credit in 2009 and 2010. Married couples filing jointly and earning up to $150,000 will receive a $800 tax credit. October 2009
Unemployment Compensation 21,200 The Recovery Act will help these Pennsylvanians with a $25 per week increase in unemployment benefits through the rest of the year. It also provides additional weeks of benefits. March 2010
All numbers are estimates, and will fluctuate over time.
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