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Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs provides administrative and legal support to 29 professional and occupational licensing boards and commissions.  Professional licensing protects the health, safety and welfare of the public from fraudulent and unethical practitioners. Professionals range from Physicians and Cosmetologists to Accountants and Funeral Directors.  

Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs Policy Statement Interpreting the Term "Infectious, Communicable or Contagious Disease"

The Bureau of Professional and Occupational affairs currently sells lists of licensees to individuals or entities who request the information for certain occupations provided that the purchasers affirm that the information will not be used for illegal or improper purposes.  These lists are primarily purchased by educational providers, professional associations, and other commercial enterprises.  As an occupational licensee, you have the option of opting out of the sold list.  If you are a licensee who prefers to opt out of the sold list please send your name (First Name, Last Name as it appears on your License), license number,  and profession in an email requesting that your information be excluded from the list of licensees. 

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